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Course 101    

Establish the foundation to your financial knowledge and learn the principles of investing in the stock market and much more with our hallmark curriculum.

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Introduction to the Markets & Practical Investing is specially designed to teach novice investors the secrets of the capital markets, how to find good investment opportunities and how to independently manage their own portfolios.

In this course we will emphasize the practical aspects of investing, without abandoning important theoretical and fundamental subjects that we believe every investor should know in order to understand how the financial markets and especially the stock market works.

This course effectively integrates the teaching of market fundamentals, disciplined investing, practical techniques as well as the use of free online tools and resources to improve your trading performance and greatly increase the likelihood of profit.

This course is unique in that it provides our students with practical tools and knowledge that are not found in many other courses or instant workshops.

Some of the practical tools our students will enjoy:

  • Analysis and case studies of current events in the market as they apply to the course material
  • Working with trading platforms & technical analysis tools used by Wall Street professionals
  • Step-by-step methodical process for screening, evaluating and buying/selling stocks

Brief Curriculum:

    Part 1: Investing in Stocks
    Learn the basics of investing in common stocks and understand the meaning of owning shares in a company, the rights for dividends and voting and learn about different stock types and market sectors.

    Part 2: Analyzing Stocks
    Learn about the two main approaches to analyzing and evaluating stocks-fundamental & technical analysis. Learn how to use free web tools that will help you in conducting basic analysis of publicly traded companies.

    Part 3: Trading Securities
    Learn how to buy and sell stocks, how the stock exchanges work, and how to choose a broker.

    Part 4: What´s Moving the Markets
    The Economy, The Players & The News. Learn how to interpret economic indicators, know the key players in the market and understand how they move it. Learn which important news events you should look for.

    Part 5: Introduction to Fixed Income
    The basics of bonds, how to invest in them and the affect they have on the stock market.

    Part 6: Mutual Funds
    How do mutual funds work? The advantages & disadvantages of investing in mutual funds, using ETFs for multiple sectors diversification, and practical guidance for choosing the best fund for you.

    Part 7: Portfolio Management, Risk & Psychology
    Setting your risk tolerance, building your portfolio, and understanding the psychology of investing.

Small Groups

We believe that personal attention and tutoring is the most effective way to help you understand the material and succeed. That's why each class has a high teacher to student ratio (a maximum of 10 students per class, guaranteed) to give our students personal attention and the depth of knowledge they need to be successful traders.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Find the most promising stocks & identify the stocks you should avoid
  • Read technical patterns & indicators and generate buy/sell signals
  • Build and track a portfolio of stocks and mutual funds
  • Determine your tolerance for risk and learn to avoid common mistakes
  • Learn to efficiently use free web tools for research and analysis
  • Choose a broker and effectively execute trades

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  • Part 7 - Portfolio Management, Risk & Psychology View

Special Bonuses for Our Students

Class Material Binder & CD
Each student will receive a binder with all class slides and material printed. The printed slides have room to write notes. Also included are class exercises, handouts and a CD with graphics and charts.
All material is organized in accordance with the curriculum.

Graduation from our courses does not mean your relationship with us ends. Our graduates will receive access to our special investor forum, where you can ask questions and exchange ideas with instructors as well as other investors like yourself. We will also invite you to participate in our annual conference, free of charge.

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