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Take advantage of having experienced professionals as your tutors, who can provide invaluable insights into the principles of investing & trading

Our team of tutors is young and innovative, with a desire to teach what they are really passionate about - making money in the markets.

David Kaplan
Senior Instructor

David Kaplan has a passion for the capital markets and has over 20 years of investing and trading experience.
David started his career in the Institutional Equity Division at Morgan Stanley's Global. Following Morgan Stanley, David worked at UBS and several boutique Buyside and Sellside firms in an institutional capacity focusing on small cap, special situations, and event driven strategies. He relies on fundamental and technical analysis in his investing and trading and incorporates principals of behavioral science.

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Adam Nielsen

Adam Nielsen has been an analyst and investor for over seven years, most recently at Goldman Sachs where he was a member of the Industrial equity research team.
Adam likes to identify macroeconomic and industry themes in transition in order to find individual stocks where the investment community had a significant under/over appreciation of earnings power.

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Eddie Steinberg

Eddie Steinberg has been actively involved in the financial markets for the last 9 years.
Eddie is able to provide an excellent perspective of the Commodities Futures and Forex markets and how to trade them successfuly, while developing a disciplined approach.

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John Kerr

John Kerr began his career in 1981, focusing on physical grain and sugar trading.
John has provided consulting services to some of the worlds largest agribusinesses as well as small and medium sized food manufacturers and energy service companies.

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Michael Davis

Michael Davis has been actively involved in the financial markets for the last 15 years.
Michael's experiences with trading strategies, ranging from swing trading to short term, high volume scalping, offer students a well-diversified perspective of the real trading envieroment.

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Noah Ament

Noah Ament has been actively involved in the options markets since 1996 and successfully traded equity, index and commodity options.
Noah’s experience and desire to teach make him a natural fit with Invest Academy and their principles. Students will not only benefit from Mr. Ament’s ability to teach but they will also benefit from all of the real life experiences he has, involving options.

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We have spent hundreds of hours creating each course we teach. The charts, case studies and exercises we give to students are all custom-made, designed by our team to teach the student in a professional and organized manner.

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