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Course 201    

Learn all aspects of real-world trading from professional traders by using advanced technical analysis, trading tactics and other tools used by the Wall Street pros

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The objective of the Technical Analysis & Practical Day Trading course is to prepare investors and traders to trade like professionals and make a living from active trading.

Whether you have never traded before, or only trade once in awhile, this course will teach you the secrets and practical aspects of the active trading world, with an emphasis on technical analysis, risk management, psychology, and the use of case studies.

You will learn technical analysis from the basic to the most advanced levels, utilizing techniques and high probability chart patterns used by professional traders and market makers. We will teach you how to identify patterns that stocks exhibit in charts of various time frames, and show you how to capitalize on that data by knowing how to enter, manage, and exit the trade appropriately.

Some of the practical tools our students will enjoy:

  • Analysis and case studies of current events in the market as they apply to the course a material.
  • Working with trading platforms & technical analysis tools used by Wall Street professionals.
  • Learn advanced secret trading techniques used by NASDAQ market makers.
  • Identify and develop the right trading style for you , while understanding how to adapt to changing market conditions

Brief Curriculum:

    Part 1: The Trader´s Environment
    Learn the basic elements, nuances and lingo of the day-trader environment. Understand the markets in which you will participate - what moves them and who the key players are.

    Part 2: Technical Analysis I - Classic Analysis
    Establish the foundation to your technical analysis knowledge. Learn about the key chart patterns that are the ABC's of technical analysis, and the different technical and systematic approaches used by traders.

    Part 3: The Trading Day
    Get ready for your trading day. Conduct your own research, arrive prepared and equipped with the information necessary to have a successful trading day. Learn how to respond to the different events that regularly occur throughout the day. Learn the secrets of shorting stocks.

    Part 4: Know the Marketplace
    Learn about key indices every trader should follow, their derivatives and how institutions use them to move the markets. Learn how special events can move stocks, and how to make money from it.

    Part 5: Technical Analysis II - Swing Trading Patterns
    Hunting for trend reversals and using profitable & low risk techniques for short term moves.

    Part 6: Technical Analysis III - Advanced Technical Indicators
    Use moving average, stochastic and momentum analysis to confirm the reliability of technical patterns. Learn how to trade as a systematic trader with these powerful indicators.

    Part 7: Psychology & Risk Management
    Identify the risks, how and when to use stops, setting trading rules and developing a disciplined approach for surviving the business of investing in the long run.

Small Groups

We believe that personal attention and tutoring is the most effective way to help you understand the material and succeed. That's why each class has a high teacher to student ratio (a maximum of 10 students per class, guaranteed) to give our students personal attention and the depth of knowledge they need to be successful traders.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Know how to prepare for and act during the trading day
  • Make large 1-3 -day gains by using unique Swing Trading techniques
  • Control your order flow and think & act like a Market Maker
  • Identify the right trading style for you and develop it, while knowing how to adapt to changing market conditions
  • Master and operate a sophisticated trading platform and technical analysis software used by professional traders

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Active Courses

  • Part 1 - The Trader´s Environmen View
  • Part 2 - Technical Analysis I - Classic Analysis View
  • Part 3 - The Trading Day View
  • Part 4 - Know the Marketplace View
  • Part 5 - Technical Analysis II - Swing Trading Patterns View
  • Part 6 - Technical Analysis III - Advanced Technical Indicators View
  • Part 7 - Psychology & Risk Management View

Special Bonuses for Our Students

Class Material Binder & CD
Each student will receive a binder with all class slides and material printed. The printed slides have room to write notes. Also included are class exercises, handouts and a CD with graphics and charts.
All material is organized in accordance with the curriculum.

Graduation from our courses does not mean your relationship with us ends. Our graduates will receive access to our special investor forum, where you can ask questions and exchange ideas with instructors as well as other investors like yourself. We will also invite you to participate in our annual conference, free of charge.

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We have spent hundreds of hours creating each course we teach. The charts, case studies and exercises we give to students are all custom-made, designed by our team to teach the student in a professional and organized manner.

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